And Michael Liebhauser’s Richard is phenomenal and complex, a likable creep, fascinating in his indefatigability, charming in his brilliance and word play, impressive in his manipulation, terrifying in his bloodthirst, and yet utterly pitiful.
— -Encore Michigan for "Richard III"
Michael Liebhauser deserves praise for his accent work in particular, and performances in general.
Liebhauser’s scenes with Carpenter where he plays a man who has lost his memory are particularly
— Broadway World for "Incognito"
Michael Liebhauser, as Donald Giovanni, delivers a terrific musical comedy star performance (I would love to see him in one of the lead roles in Spamalot).
— Talkingbroadway for "Picnic Operetta"
...played by the lanky, mischievous Michael Liebhauser, who lopes around grinning like Jack Skellington with an orange pompadour
— City Pages for "Picnic Operetta"
[His] Edmund, embodied exquisitely with conniving sex appeal.
— Encore Michigan for "King Lear"
You’re funny, but you’re loud.... and sweaty
— 3rd Grader from Concordia Elementary.